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Amid the One Belt One Road proposition and other futuristic plans in China, our management sees the potential and believes that in alignment with the fast-paced development of China, it is inevitable that Chinese market will have the biggest demands for imports in the coming years.

To accommodate such growth, as well as our immense client base and sales power within the country, Avion have invested heavily across China, with established teams of professionals and branch offices set up in major cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen etc., guaranteeing a smooth freight forwarding experience for our clients. In addition, having worked in close proximity with China for over two decades, our specialists have a thorough understanding in Chinese trading cultures, notably with regards to taxations, regulations and custom clearances.

As of now, we are one of the biggest forwarders that operate regular consolidations on both Air and Sea imports into China, with our major focus currently lies at ex. Italy to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen etc. However, since Avion also have a relatively sizable tonnage of imports from United States to China, we are looking to integrate such Eastbound traffic into our core business going forward.

The decision to make the Chinese market our primary business sector, complemented with the level of resources, expertise and experiences Avion Shipping have, we envision ourselves becoming the leading freight forwarders into China in the near future.